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Repositioning a gift card platform as market leaders


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Brand Identity

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Web Design


Brand Identity - Sara Poljak

UX / UI Design - Gabriella Johnston

Webflow - Steve Pearse

Application - RCCO Engineering

The brief

Raise our profile.

Giftify was the first of five brands in the Loyaltek group requiring a rebrand and website. This initiative was to pivot the company into a market-leading stance, with new materials that reflected the growth and product evolution at Giftify. We took onboard their mission to “raise our customer’s profile, one gift card at a time”.

The solution

Always the perfect size.

Starting with the basics, we built an identity to define Giftify in the market. This grew into it’s digital form with creation of the new marketing website. We applied a clear design ethos based on collaborative workshops with stakeholders. We loved pushing the brand, and took on the challenge of creating a Gift Card app, where users can truly find a gift that is “always the perfect size”.


The playfully connected logotype evolved into a flowing graphic device that could complement elements. We utilised a combination of friendly illustrations with sector-related photography to embed the brand’s personality. From physical events to digital spaces, Giftify’s tagline of “always the perfect size” underpinned the project.

Brand identity

logo giftify




An illustration of gifts


Branding • UX/UI Design •Webflow • Illustration • App


The website embedded the brand’s playfulness while simplifying the user journey to discover product information. Creating for scale, we introduced localisation support covering over 7 languages. We developed and integrated a bespoke app that enables users to find Gift Cards for shopping centres local to the recipient.

three mobile images

Shannon Rollins

Global Marketing Manager, Loyaltek Group

“Thanks to the whole RCCO Creative team for making our dreams come true. [They had] the experience and creativity to develop exactly what we need.”

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