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Acceleration - Website Design,
Webflow Development & Localisation






Web Design

Webflow Development


UX Design - Marta Croce

UI Design - Karol Tylke

PM - Joanna Johnson & Nichita Lobo

Webflow - Greg Faulkner

The brief

Global scale with local customisation

Acceleration, a WPP company, came to us to relaunch their website inline with a rebrand. Their current identity didn’t reflect their quality, and the existing one-page website lacked a clear and concise product value proposition. The current setup was limiting and hard to update. With Acceleration being global, it was important to have functionality enabling customisation of content at a global and local market level.

The solution

Multi-market relaunch with impact

We created a new website for Acceleration built in Webflow, setting up for scale and ease of growing content. The launch of their rebrand in digital format ensured the visual identity lands their brand ethos with an effective and quality experience.


We conducted content strategy sessions with stakeholders to define the vision for the website and ensure that key audiences had crucial content. We defined components that would have global and local variations, and defined the product value proposition in a clear and concise way. 

Design & Development

We ensured that the rebrand was front and centre when building the website visuals. This included a mix of abstract shapes and visuals, with stylistic photography and standard UI elements built in a scalable component library. We set up collections across the site from news to team, product elements, and locations to ensure that the site is scalable and easy to maintain. We integrated multiple market Jobvite APIs to pull careers onto the site with an easy user experience.


We built the site with a concept of Fix and Flex. This was to highlight which components will stay locked from a global and local perspective and which will be personalised per local market. Our approach enabled content to not only be translated for users, but changed to be more relevant per market. The combination of localisation functionality enables Acceleration to deliver their global scale with a brilliant experience for users across different markets.

Kelaine Blades

Managing Partner, UK Marketing & Comms

"Your team have been tremendous – quick turnarounds, great quality of work and love the creativity."

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