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Welcome to your destination - here you can elevate your brand's presence. As a leading Brand Identity Agency, we specialise in crafting creative that resonates and strategies that endure. With a deep understanding of modern branding's intricacies, we offer end-to-end branding solutions that empower everything from global businesses to scale-ups. 

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Key Features and Benefits of Brand Identity:

Your brand identity is your heartbeat

At RCCO, we understand that a compelling brand identity isn't just about aesthetics – it's the foundation of your business's journey to success. A strong brand identity defines who you are and what sets you apart from your competition. Derived from your brand strategy, our brand identity design agency crafts a powerful and authentic brand that resonates with your audience, building loyalty that lasts.

Unveil your strategy

We delve deep into your brand's essence to uncover its unique stories and values that not only captivate, but also communicate your business's core in every glance.

Cohesive visuals

From logos to packaging, our designers create a symphony of visuals that convey your brand's message harmoniously. This cohesive visual identity is an important representation of your business's personality that your audience will recognise and remember.

Captivating storytelling

We believe that behind every business is a captivating story waiting to be told, and we ensure that your brand's story shines through every touchpoint and can be supported with our Video Production service.

Our process



Our brand identity development agency is part of a larger branding process that at RCCO we break down into two three phases. The approach begins with an in-depth exploration of your business's values and objectives. We delve into your existing brand or gather information to start to create one! Most importantly we learn to understand your vision, values and aspirations through in-depth discussions. Our experts then translate these insights into a comprehensive strategy. We’ll begin to form positioning, tone of voice and your overall messaging.


Unleash Creativity

With strategy in hand, our brand identity experts unleash their creativity in our design phase. Our designers and writers turn strategy into captivating visuals and compelling narratives - building a concept with visual guidelines to messaging frameworks. The result? A blueprint that paves the way for an impactful brand identity.



Collaborating closely with your team, we build a brand identity that not only captures attention but also builds lasting relationships, by developing marketing materials including presentations, price listing documents, social media templates, and any other supporting assets. Wrapped up with brand guidelines to keep your company's identity consistent and cohesive.


A brand identity agency, like RCCO, specialises in enhancing existing (or creating new) visual and narrative components of a brand. We craft everything from logos to messaging strategies, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence. 

A branding agency takes your business's values and translates it into visuals, narratives, and strategies. From logo creation to defining your brand's tone of voice, we strategically curate elements that shape how your audience perceives you.

Investing in your brand identity is an investment in your business's success. Costs vary depending on the scope and services required. Rest assured, RCCO offers tailored solutions and you can get a quote from our team here!

Absolutely. A cohesive and compelling brand identity establishes your business's credibility, amplifies recognition, and fosters trust. This level of in-depth curation requires experience and skill to tailor your approach to your audience's needs. A brand agency should support you through this process, but also lead where necessary. And our expertise as a Brand Identity Agency will guide your business to ensure your investment yields long-term benefits that resonate with your audience.

Hiring a brand identity agency like RCCO streamlines the process, ensuring a professional and cohesive brand presence. Our experts deliver strategic guidance, creativity, and a holistic approach that distinguishes your brand in a competitive landscape. 

Our brand identity service comes as a part of a wider, holistic service. You can’t build an identity without first addressing your strategy, encompassing a spectrum of creative solutions. However, we communicate brand identity as the ‘design phase’ where we curate a concept for your business’ personality, including the logo, visual identity and messaging frameworks. Our comprehensive offering will cover every touchpoint of your brand presence.

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