About us

We breathe  

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Who we are

The leading integrated creative team for new and established tech pioneers. Founded by an ex-Google design lead and fuelled by creative experts. RCCO is a small giant - big expertise, yet small enough to care. Our HQ is in London with a diverse team of creators across the globe.

Why do we exist?

We power creativity, so brands can transform the future. Enabling businesses to scale, launch new products, raise investment and consistently grow revenue. We live for client success. You win, we win.

The team

Leadership from global brands

Jordan Richards

CEO & Founder

Founded RCCO after being an in-house creative lead at Google, building global scale bespoke design and code solutions.

Josh King

Chief Technology Officer

Deep expertise in coded solutions, worked with Google, Tesla and Vodafone. Leading our Full Stack in-house team.

Tom Baker

Chief Creative Officer

Award-winning Creative Director, part of a team that won eight dolphins, and the Grand Prix at Cannes.

Joanna Johnson

Studio & Project Lead

Experience in technology leading design teams with multiple fast-paced creative campaigns for global brands.

Marta Croce

Digital Design Lead

Over a decade of brand and digital experience with global names like Coca-Cola, UBS, BBC, and Vice.

Sara Poljak

Brand & Editorial Lead

A brand expert, with deep experience in strategy and activation for B2B and technology brands.

Kyle Gray

Head of Client Success

Experience leading brand, web, and video projects with B2B companies. Supporting clients in achieving their goals through creativity.

Jeronimas Dargis

Engineering Lead

Front-end specialist with experience across Vue.JS, React, and bespoke CMS platforms with GCP and Firebase.

Plus, our in-house team and selected specialist partners

Joston Fernandes

Digital Project Manager

Karol Tylke

UI & 3D Designer

Casilda Romero Rivilla

Visual Designer & Animator

Chiara Novo

Project Manager

Robbie Johnson

Creative Producer

Giorgia Gray


Jacob Brown


Jasmyn Lowe

Marketing Executive

Jerry Ogungbaro

Visual & Presentation Designer

Nichita Lobo

Digital Project Manager

Emilia Barbu

Content Partner

Angela Bruce

Executive Producer

Our values

We specialise in B2B, or as we call it, P2P

People to people

Be nice


A simple concept - whether it’s clients, co-workers or the community, we are a united family and everyonedeserves respect. The best relationships last years to come, think of the future. We are each other’s cheerleaders.

add value


Ask the question - what have I added to this project? Ensure that the work you do adds value towards our customers' business and project goals.

Push the boundaries


Make every last project your best. As a team we are always learning, and we are not afraid to try new tools, processes and skills. Ask questions, treat every day as a learning day.

Rise to the challenge


No hurdle is impossible. Having a positive attitude to all problem solving, big and small. Working with others to achieve the best solution to new challenges.

Invest in people


Happy team means happy clients and great work. Create an environment where everyone can be themselves, and most importantly, be their best.