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Back-end Development Services

Unlock the power of a robust, scalable, and secure digital infrastructure with our back-end development expertise. At RCCO, we build the backbone of your digital presence, everyone needs the communication layer from the database to the visual piece that is consumed. We do this for start ups to global companies like Google.

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Our process


Streamline your project

Unlocking the power behind the scenes, our back-end development process at RCCO is designed for robust functionality. We start by dissecting your business needs and intricately planning how the database, server, and application will seamlessly interact.

These plans are transformed into a dynamic digital infrastructure - our team of experts ensure that everything is documented during implementation. Whether it's enhancing performance, ensuring data security, or optimising server responses, our back-end developers anticipate the needs of your evolving business landscape.

Key features and benefits:


RCCO's back-end development ensures your digital infrastructure is not just robust but also scalable. We develop with multiple architectures and will advise on the best for your use case to grow with your business.

Security first:

Our back-end development services include implementing industry-best security practices to safeguard your data and digital assets, providing you with peace of mind.

Integration for Seamless Functionality:

Our back-end development seamlessly integrates various components, APIs, and databases to ensure your digital ecosystem functions harmoniously. This results in a streamlined and cohesive user experience.


A back-end developer is responsible for building and maintaining the server-side of web applications. They work on designing new API’s to check integrations with different pieces of code and server configuration to ensure the application functions smoothly.

The three main parts of back-end development are the server, application, and database. Back-end developers manage the server-side, handle application functionality, and interact with the database.

Yes, back-end developers are in high demand, their expertise in building and maintaining server-side functionality is crucial for a seamless online experience. But it’s also due to front-end development merging with back-end development - having one person completing the entire process makes the communication and overall outcome more seamless. That’s why our developers specialise in both to ensure a holistic approach to your projects.

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