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Brand Audit

Not sure whether you need a new brand? Or just something isn't working? Our expert brand auditing assesses where you're going wrong and defines a clear path for your strategy.

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Our Process


Gather data across all brand aspects

RCCO's brand audit service begins with collecting comprehensive data on your brand. We explore market position, customer perceptions, and internal alignment to build a thorough understanding of your brand's current standing and potential growth areas.


Gain valuable insights from research

RCCO's brand audit services go deep into comprehensive research. We analyse market trends, competitor strategies, and customer behaviours to reveal crucial insights for your brand's positioning and development.


Build a roadmap for your brand growth

Post-research, RCCO crafts a tailored roadmap for your brand's growth. This plan outlines actionable steps to enhance brand strengths, address weaknesses, and seize market opportunities. This roadmap guides your brand toward sustained growth and market impact.

Features and benefits

Maximise brand relevance & competitiveness

RCCO's brand audit revisits your objectives and mission and evaluates how they align with current goals and market trends. Our audits keep your brand relevant and engaging for your audience while ensuring it adapts to market shifts and industry changes.

Elevate brand appeal

RCCO analyses your visual design for relevance and impact. Our team assesses and recommends updates to your visual identity, ensuring they resonate with your audience and stay consistent across platforms.

Optimise digital engagement

RCCO examines your brand messaging across all channels to verify that tone, language, and overall messaging align with the brand values. In our audit, we examine your brand's narrative and whether it addresses current customer needs and expectations and emphasises your unique selling points.

Leverage stakeholder insights

Through RCCO's brand audit services, gain insights from internal stakeholders and customers. We gather employee feedback to align your brand with company culture and values and use customer surveys and reviews to reveal your brand perceptions and areas for improvement.

“I would recommend RCCO to startups who need brand definition, and large brands who need a fresh perspective with great ideas to drive a strong campaign. Well-worth the investment!”

Angela Bruce

Creative Lead


A brand audit evaluates your brand's position in the marketplace, its strengths, and areas for improvement. It involves analysing brand performance, consistency, and customer perception. The process identifies gaps and opportunities, guiding strategic decisions. Brand audits by RCCO ensure your brand aligns with the ever changing market and customer expectations.

A brand audit example is when a company reviews its brand elements, such as logo, messaging, and customer engagement strategies. For instance, a retail brand might analyse customer feedback, marketing effectiveness, and competitor positioning. RCCO's brand audit services could reveal inconsistencies in messaging that need refining.

Any business, startup or brand seeking growth or facing market challenges will benefit from a brand audit. A brand audit evaluates market position, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and aligns brand strategy with goals. It's essential for businesses aiming to stay competitive and responsive to market trends.

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