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Startup Branding

Make your mark with RCCO. Our expertise in startup branding transforms your vision into a powerful brand identity. Trust us to craft a brand that resonates with your audience and scales with your success.

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Our Process


Uncover your brand’s personality

Start your journey with RCCO by defining your brand's unique character. Our team understands your vision, values and aspirations to craft a brand that aligns with your expectations. We focus on what makes your brand memorable – its personality – and help it shine through in every aspect.


Develop strategic brand positioning

We identify your startup's unique strengths and target audience and use these insights to develop a strategic brand position that helps you stand out. Our approach ensures your brand captures its niche, speaks to your target audience, and carves your distinct space in the competitive market.


Launch and amplify your brand

RCCO's launch strategies focus on ensuring your brand makes an impactful introduction and delivers consistent messaging across all channels and platforms. Post-launch, we’ll continue to work with you as your company grows.

Features & Benefits

Research on your audience

Understanding your audience is key to successful branding. RCCO gets deep into audience demographics, behaviours, and preferences to bring your audience to life with relatable personas.  Our approach helps startups design a brand that addresses specific audience needs.

Launch your brand strategically

Build excitement and anticipation with RCCO's strategic brand launch approach. We'll create brand messaging and capture your tone of voice along with guidelines for marketing assets that will help to amplify your startups presence, and we’ll help to showcase your brand across multiple channels to garner attention and engage your audience.

Brand visuals beyond aesthetic

With RCCO, design brand visuals that clarify your brand imagery. In the startup world where there are so many floating ideas and new concepts, we help to refine these into a brand that builds a stronger connection between your startup and your audience.

“I would recommend RCCO to startups who need brand definition, and large brands who need a fresh perspective with great ideas to drive a strong campaign. Well-worth the investment!”

Angela Bruce

Creative Lead


Startup branding is creating a unique identity for a new business. It involves crafting a memorable name, logo, and overall brand aesthetic - often from scratch or refining many ideas that might be floating with your new product or service. The goal is to distinguish the startup in the market – and a strong brand will help to communicate a startup's vision, values, and personality to attract customers and investors.

It’s not needed, but at RCCO we’d always suggest a branding agency's help. We offer startups expertise in market research, brand strategy, and creative design. This experience helps startups new to the industry establish a strong brand identity that resonates with their target audience.

When choosing a startup branding agency, focus on their understanding of the startup ecosystem, especially with an expertise in your industry. Look for a portfolio showcasing diverse, successful brand strategies. The agency should offer personalised services and demonstrate an ability to innovate and adapt their offering based on what your company needs. An agency like RCCO can offer you all of that, and more.

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