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Our expertise as a logo design agency is enriched by a holistic understanding of branding and visual communication. Collaborating with us at RCCO means not just getting a logo, but a visual emblem that resonates, captivates, and endures.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Distinctive Visual Identity:

Your logo is your brand's first impression. RCCO crafts logos that are more than graphics; they're identities. We create distinctive visual emblems that encapsulate and translate your brand's ethos.

Memorable Brand Recognition:

A well-designed logo is unforgettable. We ensure your logo is a symbol that remains etched in your audience's memory. It's the key to instant recognition and trust-building.

Consistency Across All Platforms:

Our logos are designed with versatility in mind. They will seamlessly adapt across all your branding touchpoints, from websites to social media, ensuring a consistent and professional brand identity.

Our process


Strategy first

Ideally Logo Design should come as part of a holistic branding service. Our logo design agency experts would never recommend redesigning your logo alone; the process should be informed by a strong Brand Strategy [link when live], as part of your Brand Identity, to create a cohesive and adaptable emblem for your businesses personality. This phase aligns your logo with your brand's core.


Brand Immersion

Once we have the basis of your brand strategy aligned, your logo journey begins. Firstly, by analysing your existing logo or if you don’t have one - diving into your brand's heart. We explore your values, mission, and vision, gaining insights that steer our design direction.


Strategic Design

Here, we usually explore logo types, i.e. a brand mark,  a monogram, or a symbol. This creative journey allows us as a team to see different angles of your brand and how it might look across all of your platforms and marketing materials before the final versions are solidified.


Logo design costs will vary based on complexity of your overall branding project. Our logo experts would always recommend designing your logo as part of a holistic branding approach. And RCCO offers tailored branding solutions scaling up or down with your budget, while ensuring high-quality design.

Finding the right logo design agency is crucial. Most importantly, our logo experts would always recommend designing your logo as part of a holistic branding approach. Therefore, looking for branding experts is the way to kickstart your search! Our branding team at RCCO are here to guide you through the process, offering creative insights and personalised solutions.

Absolutely. RCCO provides flexible payment options, making it convenient to invest in a logo design that aligns with your brand's goals. However, our logo experts would always recommend designing your logo as part of a holistic branding approach. Therefore, that should be considered in your costing.

Yes, when you work with RCCO, you own the rights to your logo design. It's your brand's visual identity to use and protect as you see fit.

While there are free logo design tools available, our logo experts at RCCO wouldn’t recommend this approach. These visuals lack any Brand Strategy [link when live]. This lack of strategic insight and personalisation will have a negative impact on how your audience sees your company and ultimately it’s growth. It’s important to consider investing in your branding as a whole to gain trust and customer loyalty - and that includes your logo.

Yes, when you pay for a logo design from RCCO, you own the design and have full rights to use it for your brand. 

Avoid generic designs and trends that don't align with your brand's essence. Remember this emblem will be used across all of your platforms, so keep it simple and easy to digest, whilst versatile enough to scale and adapt for different platforms. We’d recommend working with professionals to ensure your logo tells your brand's unique story.

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