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Crafting a new tool to 
improve employee upskilling

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Tech brand




Product Design

UX Research

UI Design

Bespoke Development


Strategy Lead - Jordan Richards

CTO - Josh King

UX / UI Design - Marta Croce, Gabi Johnston

Development - RCCO Engineering

PM - Joston Fernandes

The brief

Make upskilling easy

The goal was to help the tech company achieve successful restructure of teams with an elegant, user-friendly solution they could implement across all departments. In order to achieve this the client needed a sophisticated and intuitive tool that would allow employees to answer questions about their competencies, and find out the information they need to upskill in gaps of knowledge. This way they could cover a variety of situations with a streamlined process, while allowing their teams to constantly grow and improve.

screenshot of ACME Co. process section

The solution

A platform that
learns with you

Bringing clear structure to growing complexity: we created a platform that would allow teams to check-in on a regular basis and gain access to relevant resources for upskilling. How? By asking the right questions and matching their answers with opportunities. The platform allows users to log in and complete a survey every 6-months, answering questions about key competencies for their role. Next, the tool recommends custom training content, based on areas that had a low score, helping the users take the first steps towards better, targeted learning.

Product Design - UX Research & UI Design

Our goal was to create a user friendly platform with sleek UI design, so we made sure to focus on the essentials, while aiming for an elegant, digital experience that’s easy to use. A simple, straightforward UX accompanies the users through the onboarding process, where every important detail is taken into account before moving on to the survey section and ending with the opportunities and necessary resources based on each profile. We aimed for a platform designed for simplicity, efficiency and flow.

screenshot of ACME Co.  onboarding Form

User authentication

Bespoke survey

screenshot of ACME Co.  process section role details

Tailored onboarding recommendations

Bespoke Development

Variety meets precision: we wanted to cover as many situations as possible while also making this a pleasant experience for the users, so we developed the survey using a mixture of inputs from star rating, to multiple selection, using formula logic behind the scenes to total their confidence score. Furthermore, we stored the results and personalised experience per user, so that they could return at any time and jump straight back into their tailored view, helping them keep track of their progress. We build a custom CMS to enable non-technical users to update content and recommendations on a regular basis.

screenshot of ACME Co.  process section

Lightweight component library

screenshot of ACME Co.  process section survey

Storing user preferences

screenshot of ACME Co.  process section summery

Personalised responses

Admin area

Several screenshot of ACME co.

The product saw 90% uptake within the first week of launch. It is being rolled out across more EMEA markets, to improve the growth and restructure of even more teams globally.

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