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Creating a future-proof 
event management platform

logo of Layera calendar displaying events for branding and content workshopsa card showing a branding workshop event details


Google Digital Academy


2021 - 22


Product Design

UX Research

UI Design

Bespoke Development


Strategy Lead - Jordan Richards

CTO - Josh King

UX / UI Design - Marta Croce, Gabi Johnston

Development - RCCO Engineering

PM - Joston Fernandes

The brief

Better process = improved efficiency

Our goal was to help Google's sales enablement team operate in a structured and effective way, allowing them to streamline their process and meet customer demands with improved efficiency. This particular team provides innovative solutions, such as customer workshops, and already had a legacy system in place that proved difficult to maintain. New features were required in order to evolve with the team’s needs and solutions, so they could better focus on meeting their demands, rather than spending too much time on repetitive, manual tasks.

A screenshot showing how to add a brand event in calender

The solution

Organising flow,
optimising tasks

Our solution was to create an end-to-end, event management platform that would help organise the team’s flow, rendering their efforts a lot more efficient. The sales representatives can nominate their customer completing an in-depth application for the sales enablement team to approve or decline; then they can book a date for the session (with only availability showed based on live capacity), while the team can easily manage details for the event, including adding external facilitators to the booking. The platform also offers a limited-view portal designed for partner companies that facilitate the sessions, so they can find out details and communicate with the team using the same tool. This way the team could streamline processes and rely on robust information.
*Theses visuals have been redesigned due to confidential content.

Product Design - UX Research & UI Design

Research and performance: our process included in-depth UX research, such as user interviews and heuristic evaluation to better inform the revised product design. Our strategic phase included technical solution architecture designed to build the most performant and efficient data management platform, with security and integrity at the heart. Plus, we developed an initial MVP to get the product to market and avoid overrunning the legacy system’s limited lifespan.

This in turn became an evolving product, giving us the chance to add new features over the last two years and ensure constant development. The platform was also created using Google design standards, always keeping accessibility best practices in mind, such as using screen-reader compliant components. We aimed for clean, contemporary UI design, with lively pastels for the colour palette and an intuitive flow across the entire platform.


User flows based on interviews

screenshot Event boking Form

External-friendly submission form

screenshot showing detail on=f an brand event

Live availability calendar

screenshot showing how many participants join a specific event

Event management dashboard

screenshot showing brand event cover and discription

Event user permissions

Bespoke Development

Once we reached the final design for our platform, we made sure to implement all the necessary features that could make this an ideal tool for the sales enablement team. We added an admin area so that the team can self-manage and update nomination questions, criteria, available workshops and more, being able to easily switch between user and editor mode.

We also made sure to provide access to relevant data: we created custom data export functions and API connections, so that the team can integrate key data and metrics into their business reporting, adding value, structure and tangible results for the wider business.

screenshot showing detail on=f an brand event

Event editor permissions

screenshot showing who attend a specific event

Live participant view

event calendar showing different brand events

The use of our event management platform has led to a 75% improvement in time efficiency for the sales enablement team, helping them reach their goals for having a more clear and organised workflow.

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