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London's Top 15 Branding Agencies in 2024


Effective branding can turn a company into a symbol of trust and quality. It's more than a logo or a colour scheme; it's the narrative that connects a company to its audience. 

Want to make your brand stand out and be unforgettable? The right brand agency can transform businesses into brands that speak, connect, and stay with people. 

In this blog, we'll explore the 15 leading top branding agencies setting the standard for excellence. We'll examine what makes each one stand out, their unique approaches, and how they're redefining the world of branding. 

What Is a Branding Agency?

A branding agency is a firm that specialises in creating and launching new brands and rebranding existing ones. These agencies utilise market research, creative design and strategic thinking to craft a brand that resonates with the target audience and stands out among competitors. 

The top branding agencies bring a company's vision to life through a consistent and compelling brand presence across all platforms. They ensure that every touchpoint with customers reflects the brand's values and promises. 

The best branding agencies go beyond aesthetics, shaping brand perceptions and experiences that foster loyalty and advocacy.

The 15 Best Branding Agencies To Work With

Partnering with the right agency can reshape how your business connects with your audiences. The 15 best branding agencies here offer transformative solutions. These agencies stand out for their unique approaches to turning brand visions into compelling realities. Let's discover these:

1. &above

Existing to grow ambitious brands of the future. Born from Google, &above are a London-based agency that combines strategy, creative and tech. They are trusted partners for tech giants like Google and scale-ups like Revolut and Ad-Lib enabling them to sell for over $100M by better communicating their offering and enabling them to scale faster.

Their agile team of 25 in-house creative and tech experts amplify growth through branding, web, video, and digital products. So go to them when you need design, code, and video to reach higher with &above.

&above's strengths and specialties

  • Entrepreneurial roots nested in years of experience with global tech brands.
  • A diverse network of specialist talent.
  • A design-led approach.
  • Making tech human by understanding your unique value and translating it into engaging solutions.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Powered 20+ Google teams globally.
  • Supported Revolut's biggest product launch with 12X video releases across European markets.
  • Supercharged the expansion for the UK's largest gym chain, PureGym.
  • Built striking campaign assets with live action and motion to demonstrate Eye Security's products.


Founded by a former Google design lead, RCCO combines vast expertise with a personal touch. With a team that's won prestigious awards and worked with giants like Google and Coca-Cola, we bring world-class skills.

Our commitment to adding value and pushing boundaries sets us apart. We enable brands to launch, scale, and innovate. RCCO specialises in branding strategy, identity, and innovative product launches. 

RCCO's strengths and specialties

  • Expertise in tech brand strategy and digital storytelling.
  • Comprehensive services from research to full-scale digital solutions.
  • Proficiency in B2B and P2P sectors, brand identity, and UX/product design.
  • Commitment to innovation, team investment, and value addition.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Developed a custom CMS for Google Cloud.
  • Captured the growth story of Revolut, Europe's fast-expanding tech brand.
  • Coordinated a scalable global website relaunch for Acceleration.
  • Endorsed by leaders of Keakie and Ad-Lib for market impact and sales growth.

3. Pentagram

Pentagram is a multidisciplinary design studio boasting a rich history of turning fresh ideas into iconic brands. As an independently owned studio, Pentagram delivers a personal touch to every project, from graphic design to immersive digital experiences. Their work reflects a passion for design paired with strategic insight.

Pentagram's strengths and specialties

  • Multidisciplinary approach covering a wide range of design services.
  • Direct owner-client engagement ensures tailored, impactful design outcomes.
  • Independently owned with a global presence and recognition.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Designed a permanent exhibition for the Kennedy Center honouring President John F. Kennedy.
  • Led data visualisation-based rug designs for Well Woven.
  • Crafted a fresh visual identity for the tech sensation Cohere.
  • Transformed the brand identity of the Natural History Museum.

4. Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins is a visionary branding agency known for sparking positive change and driving business performance. They champion a brand-first approach, inspiring positive change and optimising brand performance. Their work is synonymous with innovation and impact, cementing their reputation as one of the best branding companies.

Wolff Olins's strengths and specialties

  • Fuses strategy with creative expression for impactful branding.
  • Expert in brand, culture, and experience to drive internal and external impact.
  • Specialises in creating brands that drive business and cultural transformation.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Elevated Instacart from a grocery app to a delivery leader.
  • Reinvented Uber's brand, changing perceptions of global mobility.
  • Collaborated with The Met to democratise access to art.
  • Redefined GSK's brand to position it as a health industry leader.

5. Ragged Edge

Ragged Edge is a visionary branding agency. They transform brands through fearless strategies and collaborative creativity. They specialise in crafting narratives that spark change. Their approach centres on authenticity and innovation. They deliver impactful, risk-aware solutions with commitment.

Ragged Edge's strengths and specialties

  • Expertise in both global and local brand coherence.
  • Commitment to impactful, quality-driven work.
  • A no-ego policy fosters diverse ideas.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Amplified Monzo's unique banking experience, focused on simplicity and scalability.
  • Transformed First Choice to celebrate personalised travel; encouraged travellers to be "proudly picky."
  • Rebranded Gaia's IVF journey, making it more accessible and stigma-free.
  • Modified Wise for a global audience; introduced a new inclusive money system.

6. Koto

Koto is known for its innovative approaches and impactful designs. Founded to blend creativity with strategy, Koto is one of the top branding agencies in London. Its team excels in transforming brand visions into reality. Koto blends artistic design with practical market strategies. This unique combination makes them a strong force in the branding industry.

Koto's strengths and specialties

  • They focus on long-term brand growth and positioning.
  • Koto is adept at creating engaging digital brand stories.
  • Their work has a worldwide reach, influencing diverse industries.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Koto reimagined the brand identity for the music streaming giant Deezer.
  • They introduced a unique cinematic flair to the Netflix experience.
  • Koto developed a new, dynamic visual identity for Uber Eats' food delivery service.
  • Redefined Sonos, including the launch of Sonos One.

7. DesignStudio

DesignStudio sets itself apart through deep collaboration and innovation. They focus on creating brands and experiences that drive remarkable change. DesignStudio's approach is unique in integrating with client teams and communities. Their strategy leads to groundbreaking work in brand and digital strategies.

DesignStudio's strengths and specialties

  • Expertise in brand architecture and digital strategy.
  • Specialising in visual, verbal, motion, and sonic identities.
  • Creating experiences that resonate across diverse markets.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Developed the world's first community-driven superbrand Airbnb.
  • Transformed the digital experience to align with a brand heritage for British Airways.
  • Rebranded Deliveroo for impactful presence in new markets.
  • Evolved the brand identity of the iconic football club, Borussia Dortmund.

8. NOT Wieden+Kennedy

NOT Wieden+Kennedy create campaigns that grab attention and move people. Their approach brings life to brands like Sainsbury's and creates lasting impressions. Their exceptional creativity makes their work diverse and vibrant. This approach brings energy and uniqueness to the forefront.

NOT Wieden+Kennedy's strengths and specialties

  • Crafting stories that resonate across a spectrum of audiences.
  • Building distinct identities through both design and language.
  • Placing brands in the spotlight with focused market strategies.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Infused new life into the brand Sainsbury's with the #fooddancing campaign.
  • Elevated Emirates FA Cup tournament's presence.
  • Developed a robust typographic identity for Marshall.
  • Reinvented Cinevo's image with a sleek, cinematic approach.

9. LoveGunn

LoveGunn stands out with its bold, heart-led approach to branding. Specialising in transforming audiences into communities, they craft unique brand stories that resonate. Their direct, fearless strategy has earned them honours. LoveGunn is a go-to agency for brands seeking to stand out and connect on a deeper level.

LoveGunn's strengths and specialties

  • Bold and direct branding approach.
  • Tailored brand strategies for diverse business stages.
  • Award-winning creative excellence and international recognition.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Worked with Chelsea Football Club to enhance their brand presence.
  • Partnered with Islamic Finance Guru, earning accolades for their innovative approach.
  • Collaborated with MatchWornShirt, delivering an award-winning campaign.
  • Elevated the brand narrative for startups and scale-ups alike.

10. OMSE

OMSE stands out as a branding agency that believes in impact through simplicity and creativity. They specialise in creating simple yet striking brands that resonate deeply with their audience. They use a dynamic approach to branding. OMSE focus on building a legacy through intelligent strategies and creative ideas.

OMSE's strengths and specialties

  • Focuses on depicting the unique essence of brands.
  • Pioneers in developing custom typefaces for distinctive brand recognition.
  • Expertise in creating brands that are deeply rooted in cultural context and storytelling.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Launched Devil's Fruit Coffee with a compelling backstory.
  • Created a thought-provoking online and physical exhibition experience: TIME IS RUNNING OUT Exhibition.
  • Developed an inviting identity for modern communal living Ark Co-Living Space.
  • Achieved an honourable mention at the Creative Review awards for DOJA.

11. Uncommon

Uncommon London has established itself as an innovative force since its inception in 2017. The agency applies a unique approach to create standout branding. They craft narratives and experiences that people genuinely wish existed in the real world. They have been recognised for their work with a series of awards.

Uncommon's strengths and specialties

  • Focuses on creating brands that fulfil the actual public. 
  • Breaks the mould with fresh and engaging branding strategies.
  • Builds brands upon a strategic foundation for enduring appeal.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Recognised for creating impactful mental health initiatives for ITV.
  • Brought new life into the iconic B&Q British brand.
  • Developed a global free suit hire initiative for H&M to aid job seekers.
  • Their work won the Grand Prix Outdoors at Cannes Lions.

12. DixonBaxi

DixonBaxi is famous for its courage in creativity and strategic design. They are a global brand agency that excels at using creativity to envision and build a better future for brands. Trusted by giants like Hulu, AT&T, and Google, they position themselves as architects of tomorrow. Their work across various industry giants showcases their ability to deliver transformative and lasting brand impacts.

DixonBaxi's strengths and specialties

  • Expertise in preparing brands for tomorrow's challenges.
  • Proven success in crafting strategies for international markets.
  • Pioneering in creating bold and forward-thinking visual identities.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Collaborated with Hulu to offer a unified brand experience across platforms.
  • Developed a bold new vision for the iconic football club AC Milan.
  • Simplified the future of gaming with engaging design systems for Samsung.
  • Worked on next-generation branding initiatives for Netflix.

13. Two Times Elliott

Two Times Elliott excels in creating meaningful brand identities through deep insights and innovative design. They blend curiosity with expertise to craft transformative brands. Their work, from startups to industry giants, showcases their commitment to impactful, creative solutions.

Two Times Elliott's strengths and specialties

  • Curiosity-driven approach for transformative design.
  • A portfolio of work that challenges design norms.
  • A record of driving significant, meaningful business change.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Partnered with high-profile clients like Glossier and Virgin Atlantic.
  • Worked with innovative brands such as Kinfill and N26.
  • Collaborated with cultural institutions like the Estorick Gallery.
  • Designed impactful campaigns for DeBeers and Ermenegildo Zegna.

14. Made Thought

Made Thought turns today's challenges into tomorrow's iconic brands. With studios in London and New York, their work showcases bold creativity and exceptional craft. It is one of the top branding agencies known for shaping the future of businesses through visionary design.

Made Thought's strengths and specialties

  • Visionary brand shaping from inception to reinvention.
  • Expertise in intelligent strategy and impactful design.
  • Commitment to transformative change for modern brands.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Revealed Chandon's innovative essence through a transformative brand update.
  • Crafted Paul Smith's future legacy through strategic design.
  • Celebrated Design Miami as a leading design fair.
  • Positioned The Nue Co. as a leader in wellness.

15. Beach

Known for their playful and innovative approach, Beach designs make a splash in a saturated market. They believe good design springs from playfulness. They make each brand they touch a little more human, a little more playful, and a lot more memorable. They stand out for their ability to infuse each project with a unique personality.

Beach's strengths and specialties

  • Known for infusing fun into their designs.
  • Aligning brand essence with business goals.
  • Blending graphics, digital, and packaging to create holistic experiences.

Notable clients and successful campaigns

  • Elevated ASYSTEM's supplement packaging to new heights.
  • Stirred the non-alcoholic beverage market with an intoxicating design for Botivo.
  • Made funky kimchi packaging for Eaten Alive that matches its taste.
  • Brewed a distinctive identity for West London's finest coffee

How Do I Choose a Brand Agency?

Choosing the right brand agency is a crucial decision for any business. It sets the tone for your company's image and marketing strategy and impacts how customers perceive and interact with your brand.

Here's the step-by-step guide to choosing the right brand agency:

1. Assess your brand needs

Understanding your brand's unique requirements is essential when picking a branding agency. Start by asking:

  • What is the brand's mission? 
  • Who is the target audience? 
  • What are the core values and messages you want to convey? 
  • Reflect on whether you need a complete brand overhaul or specific services like logo design or digital marketing. 
  • Consider your company's position in the market and the desired brand perception. 

This introspection helps crystallise your brand's identity, objectives, and the challenges you aim to overcome. 

With this clarity, you'll be ready to seek agencies whose expertise aligns with your needs, whether one of the best branding agencies for startups or a niche market specialist.

2. Set a budget

Setting a clear budget ensures the search for a branding agency remains focused and realistic. As a start, evaluate the following:

  • The scope of your project, 
  • The complexity of services required, 
  • The stature of the agencies you're considering. 

The best branding agencies offer a mix of experience, innovation, and measurable results. Consider these factors when setting a budget. A well-planned budget will help you find an agency aligned with your financial boundaries and aspirations.

3. Research potential agencies

Scour online directories for top branding agencies in London. Look for agencies with portfolios that resonate with your vision. Peer recommendations and client testimonials offer valuable insights, so tap into your network. 

Industry events are also golden opportunities for direct interactions. From your findings, create a shortlist. Consider diversity in size and approach within this list. With this approach, you'll have a balanced perspective. It will enable you to compare varying creative angles and strategic depth.

4. Evaluate agency expertise

Evaluating agency expertise demands a systematic approach. Begin by checking their portfolio for success stories with brands similar to yours. The best branding companies will likely showcase a range of work that speaks to their adaptability and expertise. 

Question their experience in your market and their success in solving problems like yours. Examine their client retention rate and read through case studies. This checklist will help gauge whether their expertise aligns with your brand's unique needs. Remember, the right match will understand your vision and have the proven skill to amplify it.

5. Negotiating terms and contracts

Negotiating with a brand agency ensures terms align with your expectations and budget. 

  • Clarify the scope of work. Confirm whether they cover both the essentials and any potential add-ons. 
  • Discuss timelines and set realistic deadlines for deliverables. 
  • Balancing a competitive price and top branding agencies' high-quality output is essential. 
  • Review the contract for legalities to protect both parties. 
  • Pay special attention to clauses on intellectual property, confidentiality, and cancellation policies. 

A clear contract lays the foundation for a trustworthy relationship, so invest time in getting it right.

6. Finalising your choice

Making the final choice on a brand agency involves reviewing your collected data. Balance their creative flair against your strategic needs, and assess their understanding of your business goals. The best branding agencies will stand out through their proven track record, responsiveness, and detailed proposals. 

Before committing, ensure their communication style matches yours to avoid future misunderstandings. Once satisfied, articulate your decision and be ready to negotiate and cement the partnership. A well-negotiated agreement creates a collaborative and fruitful relationship with your chosen branding agency.

Elevate Your Brand Today!

Selecting the best branding agency is a significant move that can redefine your brand's impact and market presence. The right agency can transform your brand's vision into reality. Choosing a partner that aligns with your brand's values and understands your audience is crucial. 

You can navigate the selection process by following the steps outlined in this article. Elevate your brand by partnering with a top branding agency that resonates with your vision and goals. 

For those ready to take the next step in brand transformation, consider exploring RCCO's expertise. Start your brand's journey to excellence with RCCO.

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