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How RCCO created a $100 million brand For Ad-Lib.io


Online creative agency RCCO was asked to create a brand identity for Ad-Lib.io that would grow as the company grew, to sell for $100million. 

By applying the principles for taking your brand from start-up to scale-up, we were able to successfully help Ad-Lib.io with its brief. 

The brand needed to be established quickly and be instantly recognisable in the market, with bold, clear messaging that was flexible enough to scale as the company grew.

We worked with Ad-Lib.io from day one which meant we could support them from the beginning with brand strategy and identity. Together, we created a unique and stand-out brand that held a bold position in the market, grabbing attention straightaway. 

As their product developed, we built multiple versions of their website which enabled their marketing team to be flexible and work through our No-Code Webflow solution. The UI design was created to keep users engaged with playful animations and a responsive, intuitive set-up. The platform supported fast testing and development of the website as well as ongoing scalability – Ad-Lib.io can easily create new content and features whenever they want to with minimum extra cost and turnaround time. This enables them to respond quickly to branding needs as the company grows. 

Ad-Lib.io is a seriously innovative and multifaceted company that needed to be viewed by customers as immediately familiar, which meant it also had to be understood straight away. It was part of our job to simplify the product, which we did by creating multiple marketing videos and animations that reduced the product to its core and highlighted customer success and reasons to engage. 

We supported the creation of various pitches and investor presentations too, to ensure the company had the financial backing it needed as a start-up through to scale-up. Emphasising why Ad-Lib.io is unique, we designed visuals that clearly explained how it all works. We used storytelling to communicate the market problem, product solution, and client success. 

Working together on a monthly ongoing partnership, we acted as a bolt-on creative team for Ad-Lib.io and were there whenever they needed our support to create a $100million brand. Providing the key infrastructure and foundation for the brand to be built on and enabling the flexibility and means to react and adapt quickly, today as well as tomorrow, we helped the company achieve its goal. 

We now work on an ongoing partnership basis with Smartly.io, the company that bought Ad-Lib.io.

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Jordan Richards
CEO & Founder
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